Luxury Marketing Firm Predicts Increase In Private Jet Service.

New York City: Gold & Mae Productions, a leading
provider of marketing for businesses catering to the luxury market, is
predicting significant growth in private jet services in 2010 as
commercial air travel becomes more challenging in response to recent
security breeches.

Although the drawn-out recession has hit the private aviation industry
hard, Gold & Mae expects many more businesses and high net worth
individuals to search for alternatives to traveling on commercial
flights this year as increased security, long lines, and extended
delays are expected to continue at airports across the United States.
Because of this, the luxury marketing firm has ramped up its aviation
division to meet the needs of companies wanting to grow market share
through strategic business development efforts.

At the height of the recession, industry analysts estimate that
private aviation providers experienced up to a 40% decrease in
business. However, the most recent research has shown flights up more
than 20% in November and December compared to the same time the
previous year. Most analysts expect these numbers to grow
significantly as the economy continues to gain momentum and as a
result of the commercial aviation security crackdown.

“For many business professionals and high net worth individuals with
busy schedules, commercial air travel has become too time-consuming
due in large part to the increased security required to screen
passengers,” says Cecil Gold, president of Gold & Mae Productions.
“Flying on a private jet is far more efficient and, in many cases,
more cost effective when you start to calculate time wasted waiting in
lines and experiencing delays. Because we specialize in developing
both online and offline marketing programs for private aviation
companies, we are positioned to help those providers reach out to a
growing market segment that is looking for alternatives to flying

Gold & Mae has a long track record of helping private aviation
providers and other luxury market businesses reach elite targeted
markets and obtain measurable client acquisition and brand awareness.
The firm is excited about the growth opportunities that exist for
those specializing in private air travel and will be expanding its
efforts to help those businesses by offering strategic image
development and comprehensive marketing strategies.


~ by LeRoy Young on January 14, 2010.

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